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This legal classic, first published in 1940, has stood the test of time and remains an invaluable resource for the legal profession and anyone involved with it. It features an alphabetical arrangement of terms along with their definitions, making it a handy and reliable law lexicon for academicians, students, and legal professionals alike.

The new edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded in coverage and scope. It includes Supreme Court judgments that define words and phrases, Latin maxims cited in its judgments, definitions from legal authorities, and regional legal terms cited in judgments. Additionally, statutory definitions from Central Acts, Ordinances, and Codes, as well as definitions from Rules and Regulations, have been incorporated.

Despite the challenge of maintaining its reliability and comprehensiveness, sincere efforts have been made to ensure that this edition upholds the legacy of being one of the oldest and most trusted law lexicons in India. With its updated content and meticulous attention to detail, this edition continues to serve as an indispensable reference for legal professionals and enthusiasts.

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