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Commentary on The Trade Marks Act by Iyengar - 5th Edition (2016)

This authoritative treatise on Trade Mark Law provides a fully integrated legal and business perspective. With clear and concise explanations and illustrative case examples, this book is designed to guide legal practitioners, traders, buyers, and administrative authorities through a wide range of business scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Legal and Business Perspective: Combines legal and business insights for a comprehensive understanding of Trade Mark Law.

  • Illustrative Case Examples: Provides clear explanations with examples to guide decision-making in various business contexts.

  • Indian and Foreign Cases: Discusses both Indian and international cases, including principal opinions of the courts.

  • Comprehensive Appendices: Incorporates all statutory changes and important appendices for easy reference.

  • Schedules, Rules, and Notifications: Includes relevant schedules, rules, notifications, treaties, conventions, and more.

This 5th edition of Iyengar's Commentary on The Trade Marks Act is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in trade mark law, offering thorough coverage of the subject and practical guidance for navigating legal and business challenges.

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