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"Kumud Desai’s Indian Law of Marriage and Divorce" stands as a comprehensive commentary on the personal laws of India, encompassing relevant Central and State Acts, Rules, and general principles pertaining to matrimonial laws. Divided into ten parts and supplemented by 66 appendices, this book offers a thorough exploration of the legal landscape surrounding marriage and divorce in India.

Key Features:

- Extensive Appendices: Includes 66 appendices covering various Central and State Acts and Rules, providing readers with a comprehensive reference tool.

- Revised Commentary: The commentary has been meticulously revised, reorganizing concepts such as the Uniform Civil Code and Constitutional provisions related to marriage and divorce for enhanced clarity.

- Incorporation of Landmark Judgments: Features landmark judgments from the Supreme Court and High Courts, addressing crucial aspects such as same-sex marriage, irretrievable breakdown of marriage, and the powers of the Supreme Court under Article 142.

- Coverage of Amendments: Incorporates all significant amendments to statutes related to marriage and divorce, ensuring the content remains up-to-date and reflective of current legal developments.

This edition of "Kumud Desai’s Indian Law of Marriage and Divorce" serves as an indispensable resource for legal practitioners, scholars, and anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of matrimonial laws in India.

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