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Law of Marriage, Maintenance, Separation, and Divorce by S Krishnamurthi Aiyar - 5th Edition (2017)

This extensively revised edition of S Krishnamurthi Aiyar's esteemed work offers an up-to-date exploration of the laws governing marriage, maintenance, separation, and divorce in India. The book retains its original features and structure while incorporating new material where relevant and omitting outdated content, ensuring it remains a vital resource for legal professionals and students alike.

Key Features:

  • Updated Case Law: Includes recent judgments from the Supreme Court and various High Courts in India.

  • Retained Features: Preserves the original structure and features that have earned the book its long-standing reputation.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Thoroughly examines the laws pertaining to marriage, maintenance, separation, and divorce.

  • Relevant Additions: Adds new material where appropriate, enhancing the book's relevance and utility.

  • User-Friendly: Written in a clear and accessible manner, making complex legal concepts understandable.

The 5th edition of this classic text continues to serve as an indispensable guide for those involved in the practice and study of family law, offering insights into the latest legal developments and their practical implications.

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