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Key Features of "The Law of Partnership in India":

1. Authoritative Commentary: Authored by the Late Justice ST Desai, a highly esteemed legal figure, this book provides authoritative commentary on the law of partnership in India. It is widely accepted by both the Bench and the Bar as a definitive work in its field.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: The book covers a wide range of topics related to partnership law, including the formation, rights, duties, and dissolution of partnerships. It delves into both substantive legal principles and procedural aspects, offering a thorough understanding of the subject.

3. Focus on Emerging Issues: In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of established legal principles, the book addresses emerging issues and legislative developments in partnership law. It keeps readers informed about recent changes and developments in the legal landscape.

4. Case Law Analysis: The book incorporates critical analysis of judgments by Indian courts that have shaped the evolution of partnership law. It examines major landmark decisions and important judgments, providing valuable insights into the legal reasoning behind them.

5. Practical Relevance: With its focus on procedural aspects of partnership law, the book offers practical guidance to legal practitioners, judges, and other stakeholders involved in partnership matters. It equips readers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate complex legal issues effectively.

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