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Key Features:

1. Detailed List of Abbreviations: The dictionary includes a comprehensive list of abbreviations commonly used in legal texts, enhancing clarity and understanding for users.

2. Accurate Meaning of Legal Words and Phrases: Legal terms, Latin maxims, and phrases are defined accurately and unambiguously, aiding legal professionals, jurists, researchers, and students in their understanding and interpretation.

3. Coverage Across Various Areas of Law: The dictionary covers terms applicable to general and personal laws, as well as specialized fields such as information technology, intellectual property, insolvency and bankruptcy, forensic medicine, mercantile, maritime, military, and more, ensuring its relevance across diverse legal domains.

4. Inclusion of Terms from English Statutes and Decisions: Words, phrases, and expressions commonly found in English statutes, decisions, and treatises are included, providing a comprehensive resource for users dealing with English law.

5. References to Statutes and Judicial Pronouncements: Each definition is accompanied by references to relevant statutes and judicial pronouncements, facilitating further research and illustrating the usage of words and phrases in legal contexts.

Overall, P Ramanatha Aiyar Concise Law Dictionary serves as an indispensable aid for legal professionals, jurists, academicians, researchers, and students, offering precise and accessible definitions of legal terms and phrases.

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