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1. Detailed Section-wise Commentary: The Guide to Competition Act, 8th edition offers a comprehensive section-wise commentary on the Competition Act. Each section is meticulously analyzed and discussed, providing readers with a deep understanding of the legislative framework.

2. Incorporation of Legislative and Case Law Developments: This edition has been extensively revised to incorporate legislative changes and case law developments that have occurred since the publication of the last edition. Readers can stay updated with the latest legal interpretations and applications related to competition law.

3. Coverage of Key Provisions: The book delves into provisions dealing with anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, regulation of combinations, establishment and functions of the Competition Commission of India, competition advocacy, and more. It covers essential aspects of competition law to provide a comprehensive understanding to readers.

4. Thematic Organization: The section-wise commentary is organized into suitable chapters and headings, facilitating easy navigation and comprehension for readers. The context of the law is presented in a structured manner, enhancing readability and clarity.

5. Discussion of Landmark Judgments: The commentary includes discussions on landmark judgments such as Excel Crop. Care Ltd Vs Competition Commission of India and Competition Commission of India Vs Co-ordination Committee of Artists and Technicians of W.B. Film and Television. These judgments offer insights into the interpretation of key concepts and the scope of jurisdiction of the Competition Commission of India.

6. Useful Reference Work: Designed to cater to a wide audience including lawyers, accountants, company secretaries, consumers, traders, and corporate entities, this treatise serves as a valuable reference tool for anyone concerned with competition law enactments.

In summary, the Guide to Competition Act, 8th edition provides a comprehensive and updated commentary on the Competition Act, incorporating legislative changes, case law developments, and discussions on landmark judgments. Its thematic organization and detailed analysis make it an indispensable resource for practitioners, professionals, and stakeholders in the field of competition law.

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