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Drafting and Conveyancing by S P Aggarwal - 2nd Edition (2015)

"Drafting and Conveyancing" by S P Aggarwal is an essential practical guide designed to aid law students and practicing lawyers in mastering the fundamentals of legal drafting and conveyancing. As an integral part of advocacy, effective drafting and conveyancing skills are crucial for any legal professional.

Key Features:

  • Practical Guidance: Provides a concise compilation of different models applicable to various branches of law, making it a practical resource for legal drafting.

  • Updated Content: Includes relevant and updated statutory provisions of related statutes.

  • Legal Pronouncements: Features important and updated points of pronouncements for ready reference.

  • Educational Utility: Ideal for law students and practicing lawyers to enhance their drafting and conveyancing skills.

This second edition is an invaluable resource, offering comprehensive and updated content that will benefit both students and legal practitioners in understanding and applying the principles of legal drafting and conveyancing.

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