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1. Peerless Reference Work: Shri Durga Das Basu's "Shorter Constitution of India" stands as a peerless and highly admired reference work on the Constitution of India. Its comprehensive coverage and authoritative commentary have established it as an indispensable resource for legal professionals, scholars, and individuals involved in constitutional law.

2. Wide Usage: The book is widely quoted as a reference in numerous judgments of the Supreme Court and over 100 High Court judgments dating back to 1958. Its presence in lawyers' and judges' offices, as well as in libraries, highlights its significance and enduring relevance in the legal community.

3. Comprehensive Approach: Despite dealing with the complexities of the world's lengthiest constitution, the book adopts a comprehensive yet lucid approach. It breaks down intricate constitutional principles and concepts, making them accessible to readers of varying levels of expertise.

4. Critical Analysis: This edition of the book contains critical analysis of important judgments and recent legislative developments. By providing insights into judicial precedents and legislative changes, it helps readers stay updated with the evolving landscape of constitutional law in India.

5. Essential Aid: Whether for judges, lawyers, professionals, research scholars, academicians, policy makers, governance authorities, or students, this book serves as an essential aid in understanding constitutional law in India. Its clarity, depth, and accuracy make it invaluable for anyone involved in the practice, study, or application of constitutional principles.

Overall, "Shorter Constitution of India" by Shri Durga Das Basu continues to uphold its legacy as a seminal work in the field of constitutionalism in India. With its wealth of information, meticulous analysis, and relevance to contemporary legal discourse, it remains an indispensable resource for the legal community and beyond.

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