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1. Exhaustive Commentary: This acclaimed treatise offers an extensive and analytical study of the subject of negotiable instruments. Through a section-wise commentary on the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, it provides readers with a deep understanding of the legal framework governing negotiable instruments.

2. Self-Explanatory Presentation: The book adopts a self-explanatory approach, presenting each section of the Act distinctly with appropriate sub-headings. This structure enhances the convenience and ease of understanding for readers, allowing them to navigate through the complexities of the law with clarity.

3. Incorporation of Contemporary Developments: Keeping pace with contemporary developments and legislative changes, the book includes updates such as the incorporation of Sections 143A and 148 by Act 20 of 2018. By integrating recent amendments into its analysis, it ensures relevance and currency in its coverage.

4. Integration of Relevant Case Law: To enrich the discussion and provide practical insights, relevant case law from the Supreme Court and High Courts has been added under each section. This incorporation of judicial decisions enhances the reader's understanding of the application and interpretation of the law in real-world scenarios.

Overall, S Krishnamurthi Aiyar's "Law Relating to Negotiable Instruments Act" stands out as a comprehensive and authoritative resource for legal professionals, scholars, students, and anyone seeking in-depth knowledge of negotiable instruments law. Its thorough commentary, user-friendly presentation, and integration of contemporary developments make it an invaluable tool for navigating the complexities of this legal domain.

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