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Key Features:

1. Exhaustive Commentary: "The Indian Stamp Act" by K Krishnamurthy offers an exhaustive section-wise commentary on both Central and State legislations related to stamp duty. This comprehensive coverage ensures that readers gain a thorough understanding of the legal provisions governing stamp duties at both levels of governance.

2. Incorporation of Latest Amendments: The commentary is updated with the latest State Amendments, ensuring that readers have access to the most current legislative provisions. By staying abreast of amendments, the book maintains its relevance and usefulness in the dynamic legal landscape.

3. Case Law References: Extensive notes, comments, and case law references are provided throughout the commentary. These references serve to elucidate the application and interpretation of the Central Act, various State Stamp Acts, Rules, and Notifications. By substantiating the legal analysis with relevant case law, the book enhances the reader's comprehension and application of stamp duty laws.

4. Coverage of State-Specific Legislation: In addition to the Central legislation, the book includes separate Acts for states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Kerala. This state-specific coverage ensures that readers have access to relevant laws and provisions applicable in their respective jurisdictions.

5. Compiled List of Reductions and Remissions: The book includes a compiled list of reductions and remissions applicable to instruments such as bills of exchange and promissory notes. This feature provides practical utility by offering readers easy access to information on applicable exemptions and concessions.

In summary, "The Indian Stamp Act" by K Krishnamurthy stands out as a comprehensive and practical resource for legal professionals, practitioners, and scholars involved in stamp duty matters. Its exhaustive commentary, incorporation of latest amendments, extensive case law references, and coverage of state-specific legislation make it an indispensable reference tool for navigating the intricacies of stamp duty laws in India.

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