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Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Compilation: "M V Pylee’s Constitutions of the World" presents a comprehensive compilation of the constitutions of selected countries worldwide. This updated fifth edition ensures that readers have access to the latest amendments and developments in constitutional law from around the globe.

2. Updated Content: Every effort has been made to incorporate all amendments in the constitutions of countries since the publication of the last edition in 2012. Readers can trust that they are accessing the most current information and legal provisions in each constitution.

3. Research Guide: With its thorough and up-to-date content, this book serves as an invaluable guide for research purposes. Scholars, researchers, and students interested in comparative constitutional law can rely on this compilation for in-depth analysis and insights.

4. Useful for Constitutional Framing: The compilation provides valuable assistance for nations considering the framing of new constitutions or the revision of existing ones. Governments and policymakers can draw inspiration and guidance from the constitutional frameworks of other countries, facilitating the process of constitutional development.

5. Wide Range of Users: "M V Pylee’s Constitutions of the World" caters to a diverse audience, including legal professionals, academicians, researchers, students, libraries, and government officials. Its utility extends to anyone interested in comparative constitutional studies or seeking a comprehensive reference on global constitutional law.

Overall, this fifth edition of "M V Pylee’s Constitutions of the World" continues to uphold its reputation as an essential resource for understanding and analyzing the constitutions of various countries. With its meticulous updates and broad applicability, it remains an indispensable tool for navigating the complexities of comparative constitutional law.

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