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Cyber Law - Law of Information Technology and Internet by Anirudh Rastogi - 1st Edition (2014)

"Cyber Law - Law of Information Technology and Internet" by Anirudh Rastogi is an in-depth exploration of the legal frameworks governing information technology and cyber-crime in India. This comprehensive book is indispensable for understanding the complexities of IT laws, including detailed coverage of the Information Technology Act and other relevant legislations.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: In-depth analysis of the Information Technology Act and related laws on jurisdiction, cyber-crime, intellectual property, e-contracts, intermediary liability, and electronic evidence.

  • Emerging Issues: Addresses new areas such as state surveillance, virtual currencies, cloud computing, social media regulation, appification, website terms, and e-governance.

  • Wide Audience: Written to cater to practicing lawyers, policymakers, and students, providing valuable insights for anyone interested in cyber law.

  • Comparative Critique: Offers a comparative critique of Indian cyber laws with international perspectives.

This first edition serves as a critical resource for anyone looking to navigate the evolving landscape of information technology law and cyber-crime, providing both foundational knowledge and insights into emerging legal challenges.

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