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1. Sixty Years of Excellence: M.P. Jain's authoritative commentary on the Constitution of India celebrates its 60th year of publication, reflecting its enduring relevance and utility in navigating the complexities of constitutional jurisprudence in India. It has been a trusted companion for judges, lawyers, scholars, students, and the general public alike, standing as a dependable resource on this intricate legal instrument.

2. Thorough Updates: This new edition has undergone thorough revision and updating, incorporating the latest constitutional amendments and commenting on all leading decisions in the field, including landmark cases such as the EWS reservation case. The book remains faithful to the original approach of the author, elucidating the underlying principles behind judicial decisions wherever possible.

3. Critiques and Contemporary Jurisprudence: In addition to updating case law, this edition features critiques on various topics, including the immunity of personal laws from Article 13, sovereign immunity, and essential religious practices. It also acknowledges contemporary jurisprudential developments in areas such as disability rights, intersectionality, indirect discrimination, transformative constitutionalism, and constitutional morality.

4. Comprehensive Coverage: The book provides crucial documents, including British constitutional documents from the Government of India Act, 1800, tracing the historical development of the Indian Constitution. Chapters on the Union and State Judiciary have been thoroughly revised and rewritten, reflecting developments over the past decade. A new chapter on Tribunals has been added to address seminal developments in that area.

5. Updated Financial Relations Chapter: The chapter on financial relations has been extensively revised and updated to account for the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), reflecting the evolving landscape of fiscal federalism in India.

Overall, M.P. Jain's commentary on the Constitution of India continues to be a cornerstone text in the field, offering comprehensive coverage, insightful analysis, and invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of constitutional law in India.

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