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Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: This title provides an exhaustive commentary on the law concerning Building and Engineering Contracts. It delves into the various clauses and principles underlying these contracts, offering a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

2. Focus on Practical Application: Supported by both domestic and international case law, the book elucidates the practical aspects of building and construction contracts. By drawing on real-life examples, readers gain insights into how these contracts operate in practice.

3. Special Topics: The book includes detailed discussions on topics of special importance such as Contracts with Government, Tenders and Writ Jurisdiction, Interpretation of Engineering Clauses, Approvals and Certificates, Blacklisting, Bank Guarantees, Frustration of Contracts, Quantum Meruit, and more. This ensures that readers receive comprehensive coverage of key areas within the field.

4. Incorporation of Case Law: Relevant case law, up until August 2023, has been incorporated into the text, providing readers with the latest judicial interpretations and precedents. Additionally, case law from other jurisdictions, including the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Australia, and New Zealand, has been examined to offer a broader perspective on the subject.

5. Reference to Prominent Works: The book refers to prominent international works such as Hudsons Building & Engineering Contracts, Chitty on Contracts, Emden & Watsons Building Contracts & Practice, and Creswell on Contracts. This ensures that readers have access to a diverse range of authoritative sources to deepen their understanding.

6. Enhanced Organization: To meet the needs of discerning readers, additional level headings have been added in all chapters, enhancing the clarity and navigability of the text.

Overall, this title serves as a valuable resource for legal professionals, practitioners, scholars, and students involved in building and engineering contracts. Its comprehensive coverage, practical insights, and incorporation of both domestic and international perspectives make it an indispensable guide in the field.

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