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Reasons to Buy "Words and Phrases Legally Defined" Fifth Edition:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: This anthology offers a comprehensive collection of selected judicial and statutory definitions organized under relevant subject headings in alphabetical order. Whether you're a legal professional, student, or enthusiast, having access to a wide range of legal definitions can be invaluable for understanding complex legal terminology.

2. International Perspective: "Words and Phrases Legally Defined" includes material from multiple jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. This international perspective enhances the breadth and depth of the definitions provided, making the anthology relevant to legal practitioners and scholars around the world.

3. Judicial and Statutory Definitions: The anthology presents definitions extracted from both judicial decisions and statutory provisions. By including definitions from these authoritative sources, it offers a comprehensive view of how legal terms are interpreted and applied in practice.

4. Explanatory Editorial Notes: Each definition is accompanied by explanatory editorial notes, providing additional context and clarification where necessary. These notes help readers better understand the nuances of each definition and its relevance within the legal context.

5. Cross-References to Halsbury's Laws of England: Where relevant, the anthology includes cross-references to Halsbury's Laws of England, a renowned legal encyclopedia. This linkage enables readers to explore further insights and references related to specific legal terms and concepts.

6. Fifth Edition Updates: The fifth edition of "Words and Phrases Legally Defined" incorporates the latest updates and revisions to ensure that the anthology remains current and reflects recent developments in legal terminology and interpretation.

In summary, "Words and Phrases Legally Defined" offers a valuable resource for legal professionals, students, and researchers seeking authoritative definitions and insights into legal terminology. Its comprehensive coverage, international perspective, inclusion of judicial and statutory definitions, explanatory editorial notes, cross-references, and updated fifth edition make it a must-have addition to any legal library.

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