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Law of Contempt of Court and Legislature by Justice Tek Chand and H.L. Sarin

Discover one of the foremost works on the subject of contempt of court in India with "Law of Contempt of Court and Legislature" by Justice Tek Chand and H.L. Sarin. First published in 1938, this celebrated title is now in its 81st year of publication and has established itself as an authoritative reference in the field.

This distinguished work has been meticulously revised with each edition to incorporate the latest judicial decisions, legislative amendments, and significant developments in the area of contempt of court law.

Key Features:

- Historical Background: Provides a comprehensive historical context of the law of contempt, tracing its evolution and foundational principles.

- Thorough Updates: Includes the most recent advancements and changes in the subject area, ensuring that readers have access to up-to-date information.

- Systematic Arrangement: Topics are methodically organized, with each aspect of the subject explained in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

- Essential Reference: An indispensable resource for judges, lawyers, academicians, and research scholars, offering invaluable insights and detailed analysis.

This title is an essential addition to the library of any legal professional or academic interested in the intricate details of the law of contempt in India. Ensure you have the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available on this critical subject with "Law of Contempt of Court and Legislature" by Justice Tek Chand and H.L. Sarin.

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