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Broom’s Legal Maxims" stands as a comprehensive study on Legal Maxims, offering a definitive guide to ancient principles of Roman Law that have influenced legal systems worldwide since its first publication in 1845 by Herbert Broom. This masterful exposition not only highlights the most important Legal Maxims but also explains and illustrates their meanings, exceptions, and qualifications, providing invaluable insights for legal practitioners and scholars alike.

Key Features:

  • Adopts a lucid and analytical approach, making complex legal concepts accessible to readers.

  • Up to date with all major judicial developments, ensuring relevance in contemporary legal practice.

  • Meticulously incorporates Indian and foreign judgments, including notable cases such as Bilkis Yakub Rasool v UOI, Tofan Singh v State of Tamil Nadu, Supriyo @ Supriya Chakraborty v UOI, Re Allied Wallet Ltd (in liquidation), and SPS Groundworks & Building Ltd v Mahil.

  • Indispensable reference for students, legal practitioners, academicians, and research scholars, providing a comprehensive understanding of Legal Maxims and their application in legal practice.

With its meticulous revision and incorporation of the latest developments, the Fourteenth Edition of "Broom’s Legal Maxims" continues to serve as an essential resource for anyone seeking a deep understanding of legal principles and their practical application in various legal contexts.

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