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The offence of rape, as delineated in the Indian Penal Code, has evolved over time to encompass a broad spectrum of actions and situations. Despite the stringent punishments prescribed by the IPC since its codification in 1860, instances of rape continue to proliferate in society, indicating the inadequacy of existing legal provisions in deterring such crimes. The prevalence of rape underscores the need for a renewed focus on addressing this issue within the legal framework.

While the legislature, executive, judiciary, and legal system acknowledge the gravity of the problem, effective control over the commission of such crimes remains elusive. Despite the advocacy efforts of social activists, NGOs, and women's interest organizations, tangible progress in curbing rape has been limited. However, the fight against this heinous crime must persist as a continuous endeavor rather than a one-time effort.

The judiciary, often criticized for judicial activism, has played a crucial role in safeguarding the basic human rights of women. Through landmark judgments that transcend literal interpretations of the law, the courts have demonstrated a commitment to addressing the root causes of gender-based violence.

In light of these considerations, the second edition of this book incorporates recent landmark judgments from the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, and relevant foreign courts. By including these judgments, the book aims to provide practitioners and stakeholders with updated insights into the legal landscape surrounding rape and sexual violence.

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