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This edition represents a significant overhaul of the previous edition, presenting a comprehensive exploration of contemporary methods available for criminal investigation. It covers a wide range of topics including portrait parle, Photofit, Psychological Profiling, Voice Identification, Lie Detection, Brain Mapping, Brain Fingerprinting, Narco Analysis, Polygraphy, Police Photography, Ballistics, Serology, Handwriting Identification, Chemical Analysis, Biological Assays, Odontology, Dactyloscopy, Toxicology, DNA Profiling, and more.

Additionally, the book discusses the examination of witnesses and accused individuals. It incorporates judgments delivered by the Supreme Court, analyzing case laws related to Confession, Identification, Forensic Science, Handwriting Forensics, Fingerprints, Footprints, Poison, Road Accidents, Rape, Unnatural Offense, Asphyxia, Abortion, and Death.

The contents of this edition include sections on Investigation, Computer and Computer Crimes, Identification and Surveillance, Forensic Science, Handwriting Forensics, Disputed Documents, Narco Analysis, Fingerprints, Toxicology, Road Accidents, Fire, Blood, Sexual Offenses, Asphyxia, DNA Profiling, Micro Traces, Abortion, and Death.

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